Choosing your Veil

Joy Cioci - Spring 2013

Veils are a great accessory to complete your wedding outfit and give you that bride feeling. They come in all shapes, styles, colours and lengths. It is important to match your veil to your dress, wedding style and own personality. Here are some helpful tips to help you select that perfect veil.

 Always try to match your veil as closely as you can to the colour of your dress.

Choose a veil that highlights the focal points of your dress rather than hiding them. For instance if you have a wedding dress with beautiful lace up detailing on the back, choose a sheer, less gathered veil that you can see through. 

Have you always dreamed of your partner lifting the veil from over your face to kiss you? Make sure you choose a veil with at least 2 tiers or commonly known as a blusher. 

A streamer veil can be used as a veil for those who have to have one but really aren't that into the traditional veil.These veils are made up of 3 to 7 thin pieces of tulle. This makes a narrow veil with some movement.

Had your heart set of a train, but fell in love with a dress without one? Long cathedral veils can be used in place of a train on your dress. 

If you don't like the gathering of a traditional veil, why not try a mantilla veil. This type of veil has thick lace around the edge, is one flat piece of tulle and is pinned to the head almost framing the face. 

For a modern and chic look, a cage or face veil could be for you. This veil is made of a netting that is pinned at the front of the head and pulled over the eyes or face.

Choose your veil detail and edging to complement your dress. You can use a heavily beaded veil to add bling to a simple dress or complement a fluted tulle shirt with a veil with fluted edging. 

Intricate up-styles can often be hidden underneath a full veil. If you are planning to have an up do try to choose a veil that can be worn at the nape of your neck under you hairstyle. 

Veils are a nice addition to the bridal outfit but, if they just aren't for you then why not try a fascinator, tiara or hair gems to add interest to your hairstyle.

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